For many people out there looking to buy land and build, the thought that all blocks are the same can be a huge downfall. Looking for your land before deciding on your property will vastly change the way in which it can be designed. In doing so, you can build a property that is smaller, yet still functional and comfortable. This will also reduce demand on the material resources and will be far easier to heat and cool. I recommend finding a block with a long east west axis, therefore providing maximizing good northern orientation.

There are many reasons in doing this, the main reason however is solar optimisation. This property will have a much greater exposure to the north and the ability to harness that solar radiation. Furthermore, you can structurally design your home to let the warmth in when required. Windows facing north will be able to give you greater heat during the winter months while also fitting shading will allow protection against the summer sun.

With this decision you can greatly reduce the cost of living over time while also creating the beautiful, liveable home that you have always wanted.