During the design of my home I explored how I could use reclaimed timber to provide an alternate to newly manufactured products. I decided to use reclaimed timber in the kitchen meals area. I envisaged an island bench that would be a preparation and eating area and focal point of the kitchen.

There was no reason why the bench could not be constructed of timber and I set out to source my favourite Australian timber ‘Myrtle’, which has a beautiful pink hue. After many calls to timber reclamation yards I found not only my ‘Myrtle’ but also sufficient quantity for the bench and a matching refractory table. I went to the yard and sorted through the beautiful timber planks that had been sitting in the warehouse for years after a demolition job. I could not believe my luck. I had been given details of a quality cabinetmaker, who turned my reclaimed planks into a beautiful island bench and dining table.

I had also initially wanted to reuse my timber flooring when the eco demolition was being undertaken of my home, but unfortunately the timber flooring was a soft timber which shattered easily when being removed, so they were turned into wood chips. I then turned to the next best thing and selected reclaimed timber flooring in my home to reduce the demand on the forests resources.

I love being able to look at the beautiful grains of timber and feel pleased that I have been able to give them a second life.