At Green Design Solutions we design sustainable homes. We love working with clients who have a focus on reducing their environmental footprint whilst living in a comfortable home. We listen to the client about their goals and ideas and bring these together with our design principles to create a Home for Life that incorporates Sustainable, Livable and Healthy design features. We consider the climate, the site opportunities, material selection, how the client will live in the home for now and into the future. We also provide guidance on budget. The processes commences with a Design Brief, which informs the creation of the Design Concept and progress to detailed working drawings, specifications and product schedule for the issue of building permit and builder tenders.

Our designs incorporate stylish, contemporary and passive design features that can fit on a smaller footprint.

We have designed stunning homes in rural and regional Victoria and Melbourne. Checkout our to see the progress of our projects.

Our off grid project in Tambo Crossing

If you are just starting your home buying journey then seek advice on buying the right block of land, which will assist in creating the right environment for a solar passive home.

What to consider when buying your block of land?

We recommend finding a block with a long east west axis, which maximizes northern orientation for passive heating of living areas. And avoid tall trees or tall buildings on the north, consider where the cooling breezes come from. These simple steps will help to reduce energy by making the home far easier to heat and cool.

This information and much more has been detailed in our How to Create a Home for Life eBook. See our for inspiration and insights into this emerging way of living.

tiny home concept design

You can purchase this in a package with our Sustainable Design Concept ePlans that feature 5 Concept Designs

Modular, Container, Pod Style, Courtyard and Reverse Brick. Whilst all the designs are unique in appearance and design elements, they all feature:

  • Single storey
  • Under 18 squares
  • 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • Skillion roof with orientation for PVs
  • Window styles, sizing and positioning to maximise winter heat gain and allow for cross flow ventilation
  • Summer shading of windows
  • Room zoning for efficient heating and cooling
  • Exposed polished concrete slab or underfloor insulated timber subfloor
  • wider doors and passageways
  • plus many more sustainable and livable design features

Combined there is 130pages of information and ideas to help inform your sustainable home journey. Head over to our shop and checkout the package!

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