Green Design Solutions focuses on helping homeowners to create livEable, healthy, sustainable homes, for new homes and renovation projects.


Want to design your new home to be eco-friendly?

Wondering how to renovate to create a healthy, sustainable home?

OUR FREE E-BOOK How to Create a Home for Life, gives you all the information you need!

Discover all the facts about:

  • The Big Myths in Building
  • Financing Your Home
  • The process for Designing and Building Your Home
  • Green Design Solutions – your key focus areas
  • Livable Housing Principles
  • Healthy Housing Principles
  • Sustainable Principles

Looking for examples of Designs to create a liveable, healthy home?

I’ve harnessed my expertise in Applied Sustainable Design to create Five Concept House Designs with examples of a Passive-Solar, Single-Storey:

  • Modular House
  • Pod House
  • Reverse Brick House
  • Container House
  • Courtyard House

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