I am excited to share my recent testimonial video of two solar passive designed homes in Kew. It has been a pleasure to work with John Cichello and Cynthia Cichello to design these sustainable homes with a small footprint. If you are looking for a sustainable housing solution then contact Green Design Solutions to discuss how we can realise your dream.


In the video, John shares on a number of aspects: 

00.00     The Project

06.38     Project Elements and Stages

07.55     Identifying the key needs for the project

09.26     Experiences during the design and planning stages

13.34     John shares his philosophy for living

15.19     What sustainable features are incorporated into the house?

17.04     The lifecycle of materials

21.30     Why is the garden important?

23.36     Using the upstairs deck over the garage and the ground-floor meals area

24.46     The possibility of being a family home in the future

27.44     What makes the house a passive solar designed home?

31.41     The experience working with Green Design Solutions