Green Design Solutions Client experience

Janine offers a personalised Design and Planning service, which her clients really appreciate, knowing they have one person to communicate with and one person to organise the project for them.  


Stage 1 Learn about Sustainable Building Design 


Why not listen to Janine’s webinar series to develop an understanding of Sustainable Building Design.


Why not book out a stay in Lawrencia Studio on Airbnb on the beautiful Victorian Surf Coast to experience some typical design features.


Check out some Design projects on the Youtube Library. 

Stage 2 designing your sustainable home


Why not purchase Janine’s Concept plan booklet and Ebook “How to create a home for life”.


Book a free 15 minute consult with Janine the ‘Sustainable Design Expert’ to answer your questions about how she can help you achieve your sustainable house dream.


Request a fee proposal for your Sustainable Design and/or Planning project. 


Follow up any questions with Janine and engage her to undertake your Sustainable Design Project. 


Janine will meet you onsite to explore site opportunities and constraints and sit down with you to hear of your goals and aspirations and budget. 


Based on the site visit Janine will develop a design brief to guide the Design process and confirm that is meets your goals. 


The Concept Design phase begins by capturing design features from the design brief and the site opportunities. 


Janine organises consultants for land surveys, soil reports and Bushfire Management Statements, Arborist and Heritage reports (where required) to feed into the Concept Plans. 


Through a process of up to 3 drafts the Concept Plans are developed and finalised, where they are then ready to proceed to either detailed working drawing or form part of a Planning submission for the client. 


Janine can organise a construction estimate from a Quantity Surveyor (optional)

Stage 3 overseeing the planning phase 


Where a Planning Permit is triggered due to multi dwelling development, land subdivision or planning scheme overlays Janine will organise required consultant reports, collate required information and prepare the Planning submission with the Concept Plans.

Stage 4 development of working drawings


In the last phase the working drawings and green product schedule is developed and Janine organises the production of the engineering drawings. NB Cabinetry detailing is not provided. 


All documentation is provided electronically to the clients for obtaining builder quotes. 

Completion of Design and Planning work