Green Design Solutions loves working with clients who have a focus on reducing their environmental footprint whilst remaining comfortable. We listen to client goals and ideas and produce a design for creating a Home for Life incorporating Livable, Healthy, Sustainable Design features. We take into account the climate, the site constraints, provide guidance on budget and material selection. We commence with a Design Brief, which informs the creation of the Design Concept and progress to detailed Design and working drawings, specifications and product schedule.

Green Design Solutions incorporates stylish, contemporary and clever design features packaged into designs that sit on a smaller footprint.

What to consider when buying your block of land?

We recommend finding a block with a long east west axis, which maximizes northern orientation for passive heating of living areas. And avoid tall trees or tall buildings on the north. These simple steps will help to reduce energy by making the home far easier to heat and cool.

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Design Concepts

Green Design Solutions has launched 5 Concept Designs – Container – Courtyard – Modular – Reverse Brick and Pod Style. Whilst all the designs are unique in appearance and design elements, they all feature:

  • Single storey
  • Under 18 squares
  • 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • Skillion roof with orientation for PVs
  • Window styles and positions for cross flow ventilation
  • External water feature for natural evaporative cooling
  • High level of insulation in ceilings and walls
  • bioPCM Smart Thermal Mass in ceilings
  • Exposed polished concrete slab or underfloor insulated timber subfloor
  • 850mm wide doors
  • plus many more sustainable and livable design features!