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I am excited to share my recent testimonial video of two solar passive designed homes in Kew. It has been a pleasure to work with John Cichelloand Cynthia Cichello to design these sustainable homes with a small footprint. If you are looking for a sustainable housing solution then contact Green Design Solutions to discuss how we can realise your dream.

You want to buy some land or an established house.

You also want your decision to help achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Where do you start?

When designing a house, there are often many decisions that people focus on. Room size. Layout. What finishes to choose? While the final decisions are left up to what’s in trend or most popular. These days, it’s not hard to drive around and see the popularity of a dark coloured roof. Sleek in its design, it is clear why it has become a popular choice, but what are the ramifications once living in your new abode?
For many people out there looking to buy land and build, the thought that all blocks are the same can be a huge downfall. Looking for your land before deciding on your property will vastly change the way in which it can be designed. In doing so, you can build a property that is smaller, yet still functional and comfortable. This will also reduce demand on the material resources and will be far easier to heat and cool. I recommend finding a block with a long east west axis, therefore providing maximizing good northern orientation.
The interest in container housing is growing and I wanted to provide some insight on this trend. Some of the reasons for this trend could include: an interest in reusing a product that seems to be in abundant supply; a house that might be a bit quirky and different; inspired by what others have done or what has been featured on a lifestyle show; and the apparent affordable nature of containers.
During the design of my home I explored how I could use reclaimed timber to provide an alternate to newly manufactured products. I decided to use reclaimed timber in the kitchen meals area. I envisaged an island bench that would be a preparation and eating area and focal point of the kitchen.